Basic skills that each employee should have

Communication skills

In a situation where two people are in contact, communication is inevitable. Communication is a fundamental, powerful and universal human need. The skill of successful understanding of others and skill of self-expression are not only components of the dynamic process of communication which is reflected in the quality of private and/or business life, but also represent a powerful tool for achieving success.

Ensuring cooperation and dialogue

Focus on the realisation of organizational goals is necessary for achieving excellent results. However, employees are sometimes more focused on individual goals (on an individual or sector level) and do not communicate enough (adequately) with other members of the team or with employees from other parts of the organization. They do not participate actively in giving suggestions that may help other organizational units, but are focused on daily performing of their personal work tasks. How to change this?

Stress management and developing stress resistance

Stress is an unavoidable occurrence in everyday life and work and results from different situations. At the same time, a small amount of stress motivates us to achieve the best we can, however, a great amount of stress leads to negative physical and mental states. Therefore, knowing how to manage stress is a skill that leads to greater efficiency and excellent performance of work tasks, and can provide us success and satisfaction in our professional, as well as in our private life. The purpose of this workshop is to learn how to deal with stress which results from various external situations, but also from ourselves.

Time management

For a successful implementation and conduct of work activities time is a key resource, but also a great barrier. How well we are organised and how well we use time resources is one of the factors of success: we either perform tasks on time or we are late … How to help ourselves to truly keep in step with time?

Emotional intelligence – the basis of success in personal and professional life

At the workplace, in a private environment or school, almost every day we can see examples of smart, capable and well educated people who cannot manage to arrange their private life or who are constantly in conflict with other people. On the other hand we can see examples of people who do not have such powerful abilities and skills but simply "bloom". And we wonder why? What is the secret of their success and satisfaction?

The answer in most cases lies in the concept of emotional intelligence, which is, as opposed to regular intelligence, under our control and can be developed!

Emotional intelligence in difficult situations with clients

Difficult situations with clients come in various shapes, sizes and personalities. They are demanding, clients are very emotional and draw from us a great amount of energy. If you feel "drained" after a demanding contact, you are not the only one. By understanding and developing emotional intelligence we can help ourselves accept and solve difficult situations more easily, and we can also help others. Let us learn the skills of emotional intelligence and transform the complex and demanding situations into situations where there is a solution to a mutual satisfaction.

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