Development and supervision of internal trainers

The concept of internal trainers is not new. Most companies use, in certain forms, internal trainers for the transfer of knowledge representing the "know how" of the company; but also for the transfer of knowledge and skills which bring about the competitive advantage with regard to the competition.

If we spend that much time developing new skills and knowledge, why do we dedicate so little time to the development of our internal experts who transfer the knowledge?

Why use internal trainer systems?

  • training programmes are developed exclusively according to the needs of a company
  • there is no possibility of using the same / similar training programmes on the side of the competition
  • possibility of achieving an equal standard of service throughout the company
  • reduction of training costs – savings by developing personal internal trainers / internal experts
  • internal trainers transfer internal expertise – examples and experience
  • offer of a larger number of trainings to a larger number of employees, more frequent
  • lesser dependence on external consultants

The process of developing a system of internal trainers

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