Recognize – discover DNA talent

What are the potentials and areas of development of the potential candidate? How will they fit into the existing team?

How good are your existing employees? Can they develop the necessary skills and accept different responsibilities for the company's growth and / or due to market changes? Do you want to learn more about your best people and then apply this knowledge to the development of all the others?

Get introduced with our methods of assessment of potentials and use them in future development planning.

Develop – improve DNA talent

Good development programs encourage engagement, morale and continuous improvement of key skills.

Poor development programs spread cynicism and discontent.

We provide our clients support in developing and retaining key talents, managers, effective teams and developing competencies necessary for a stable and successful growth.

Reward – initiate DNA talent

Effective rewarding of employees for an improvement and achievement of desirable results.

Studies have shown that a large number of employees feel undervalued and disregarded and experience the reward system as unfair.

On the other hand, most of the managers are aware of how much reward and recognition mean to employees. Why are there such differences in perception? How to motivate employees to give their maximum effort? How to set up a reward system that highlights the best? How to set a clear, simple and consistent system that does not lead to the perception of injustice? Which rewards do employees appreciate the most? When and how to reward an employee?

Artis Rei can help you find the answers to all these questions.

Communicate – coordinate DNA talent

The greatest illusion is that we have understood each other if we use the same words!

Even the best programs / models will not be efficient if they are not well communicated.

To coordinate DNA talent, Artis Rei will help you to:

  • develop a HR strategy based on business strategy
  • communicate business goals and ensure that employees understand the importance of certain business goals as well as their contribution in achieving them
  • find out how employees perceive certain elements of organization processes and what they think of them
  • improve cooperation between different organization units and improve the organization climate

HR package for small entrepreneurs – your HR consultant

If you still have no need to employ a HR expert, we will help you with the introduction of the human resources management function.

At the same time we will be your HR consultants for:

  • Recognize – discover DNA talent
  • Develop – improve DNA talent
  • Reward – initiate DNA talent
  • Communicate – coordinate DNA talent
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