Research of the organizational climate and engagement of employees

We believe that when additional improvement actions are developed based on results of research, that this represents a powerful tool which helps motivate and increase employee productivity.

Artis Rei is more than merely an agency for the conduct of research. Based on the past rich experience in the field of human resource management, we advise our clients which steps they must take after research and how to implement them. It is a major contribution to the further organizational development of each company.

What you will get

  • customized access to your company's needs
  • simple and comprehensible results
  • understanding what prevents employees in carrying out their responsibilities
  • understanding what motivates and encourages employees to express their talents
  • concrete proposals and priority steps for improvement

... for those who wish to know more...

Satisfaction in work is a standpoint on work which involves what employees think and how they feel about individual aspects of work in a specific organization.

The fact is that employees are more motivated if there is a probability that they will be rewarded for their behaviour and work. But, what is this exactly? Pay? Commendation? Good work conditions? Opportunity of developing one's potential? Promotion opportunity? In order to have accurate information – we need to conduct a research.

Why question the satisfaction of employees? So as to determine what makes them happy? No, but because:

  • satisfaction of employees significantly determines the overall employee attitude towards hard working and execution of work tasks
  • satisfaction of employees also determines attitude towards clients – to be client oriented means to be primarily employee oriented
  • by acquiring information on the perception of an organization, its advantages and disadvantages, we obtain information in which areas of priority we need to introduce improvements
  • we can customize our reward system with regard to our insight on the causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction

To conduct a research on satisfaction and then do nothing not only does not contribute to the improvement of efficiency but can also be counterproductive. The entire process, therefore involves: a survey of satisfaction; providing feedback; defining concrete actions.

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