Management skills

"I" as a team leader

What are my roles as a team leader and what do I gain? More time to think? Greater personal productivity and productivity of the team? A more motivated team? Time for personal development? … These are just some of the contributions that are gained by effective team leadership and accepting all the responsibilities within the role of team leader.

Practical leadership skills

Each manager has only one main task: to achieve business results through effective work management of all members of his team. In order to achieve this, each good team leader must develop appropriate patterns of behaviour in different situations, and according to the different characteristics and needs of employees in the team. Although different situations require different behaviour, the main precondition of successful team management is focus on achieving business results, continuous guidance and supervision of employees' work, as well as continuous feedback of good and/or poorly performed work tasks.

Motivational tools in practice

Can superior executives influence motivation and what is the role and responsibility of managers in achieving high results of their team? How to create a work environment and atmosphere in which the employees are continuously motivated? How to motivate individuals to increase productivity? This training will teach you how to motivate individual employees and entire teams to work more efficiently, creatively and with greater focus on clients. Acquired skills and knowledge ensure that you get the best out of your people and achieve a competitive advantage with regard to the competition.

How to approach employees who have different levels of success?

Employees that are not completely independent and trained for performing work tasks are often less productive. On the other hand, each team leader has only one main task: to achieve business results through an effective work management of all members of his team. But how to identify the causes of poor performance and what to do with employees who have various levels of success?

Skills for the future – encouraging creativity

Creative approach in performing certain work tasks, innovative thinking about improving the current situation and faster and more efficient performing of tasks is one of the key elements of competitive advantage. What can we, as managers, do more in order to encourage employees to a behaviour directed towards continuous improvement?

Effective delegation skills

More time to think, greater productivity, a more motivated team, and time for personal development … these are just some of the contributions you receive through effective delegation. Managers who do not delegate or do it poorly often end up with burnout symptoms, miss important opportunities for individual and organizational development and discourage their team.

Ensuring organizational dialogue

Success of the company is directly related to the quality of communication within the company: there are practically no companies that do not state communication as one of the challenges they encounter in their daily work. But what exactly does the concept of "communication" mean? Is it a "cultural communication" between employees or is communication considered as precisely those concepts that are essential for the success of an entire organization? In order for the company to achieve a competitive advantage over the competition, not only is a quality of communication between employees of same and different hierarchical level extremely important, but also a speed of communication within the company.


To maintain excellence, companies must become "wiser" and work out different ways to keep the most productive and efficient employees, who will also give the best return on investment. One of the most effective methods is mentorship!

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