Competency models

Competencies are BEHAVIOURS that achieve excellence in work and based on which we can differentiate excellent employees from those who are not. They represent clear standard behaviour expected from an employee and form a basis for personal and professional development.

Kompetencije omogućuju:

  • facilitate identification of potential or employees readiness for promotion
  • assist in achieving the desired organizational culture: facilitate communication of expected behaviour
  • significant reduction of training costs, because we focus on the development of key areas.

How will you know if you need a competency model?

  • Employees are not sure what behaviour is expected of them
  • You wish to encourage different behaviour of your employees
  • You wish to more easily identify employees with potential
  • You want a structured planning of the development programme and one that is directed at organizational needs
  • You want to introduce change in the organizational culture
  • You are not sure which skills will be needed in the future (through growth of the company)

If you have answered affirmatively to at least two previous statements – you need a competency model!

Why Artis Rei?

Our competency model is based on a reliable and verified skills matrix. We have been developing and improving the model for the past 15 years based on feedback and experience of several thousand employees and managers.

Experience has shown that the common employee and manager has around 40% of competencies (behaviours) developed, while an excellent employee and manager has more than 80% of developed competencies (behaviours) in the model. In addition, excellent employees and managers do not express negative forms of behaviour: they positively influence organizational success and results!

We start with the adaptation of competency models and concrete descriptions of behaviour by understanding your business strategy, business processes and key skills based on which the best stand out.

... for those who wish to know more...

As we have already stated, competencies focus us exclusively on the behaviour of the employee, and not on, for example, his knowledge or personality traits we cannot directly observe in his behaviour. For instance, an employee may possess exceptional expert knowledge but rarely uses it in work and/or for process improvement; in that case his expertise does not stand out in everyday work and cannot be noticed in his behaviour.

We have a competency model and what now?

In order to be able to use competency models in other HR processes, it is necessary to implement an assessment of an individual competency.

Each employee can, at any time, assess the development level of his own competencies, use the availability of resources for learning and ensure himself a quicker development and advancement. However, together with self-assessment usually used are the following methods of assessment:

  • assessment of the superior
  • 360* assessment
  • assessment centres = ACC
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