Assessment centres

Assessment centres involves different methods of assessment: from the usual psychological tests and interviews to simulations of the work environment. The generally simulated situations in which behaviour and work of those involved is monitored are: group discussions, simulations of interviews with subordinates or clients, determination of facts, analyses / solution of problems, presentational exercises and similar.

Simulated situations are specifically designed to: enable expression of key behaviour for a certain position. All key behaviour (or competencies) are previously defined and coordinated with requirements of the work place.

Although situational assessments are exceptionally demanding to prepare and implement, they are irreplaceable if one wishes to determine the level of development of an individual competency in the real environment and in interaction with other persons (e.g. clients, buyers, colleagues, subordinates…):

  • exceptionally informative with regard to the performance assessment for more demanding job positions (e.g. promotion to a manager position)
  • since they involve different techniques, they have a higher accuracy of assessment
  • ensure differentiation of similar candidates because they are implemented in the real environment
  • those involved perceive them as fair procedures and thereby also affect the image of the employer
  • investment in situational assessments is often lower than potential costs of incorrect assessment and selection
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