HR processes

How to successfully select an employee

The key for detecting organizational potential and achieving competitive advantages are people. In order to develop a winning team, the first step is to select quality employees. However, in selecting quality employees it is necessary to know the qualities of one's team members, their advantages, capabilities and areas of development.

Do we need a person with experience or an inexperienced apprentice. Which technique of attraction do we use to achieve the best response? Who do we call for testing? Who do we call in for an interview?

Once we have selected a part of the candidates for an interview, we have conducted interviews for about 10 days, but we no longer know whom we talked to, why we liked that candidate with more experience and why we rejected the candidate from the competing company. How to make a decision which is the best candidate for us?

Conducting interviews for performance management

In your company a new system for monitoring and assessing work efficiency is introduced. Elements of the system are defined, but nevertheless you keep asking yourselves a bunch of questions. What is the purpose of the monitoring and work efficiency assessment system? How to conduct an interview and direct it toward motivation? What do we do with bad employees?

This training will teach you how, during interviews for work efficiency management, you can motivate individual employees and whole teams to work more efficiently, creatively and with greater focus on clients. New skills ensure you get the best from your people and achieve a competitive advantage with regard to the competition.

Giving feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is a key skill in the daily management of employees, especially in the aspect of motivation, delegating daily tasks, performance management and additional development of employees. Giving feedback is essential in any type of organization and is independent of the strategy of human resources management as well as the type of systems implemented. Although the way of giving feedback is exceptionally important in a situation of poor performance, giving notice to employees on what they are doing right and which tasks are done well is equally important.

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