Artis Rei team

Our team is made up of a number of experts specializing in different areas.

Our advantage is different formal education: psychology, law and economics.

However, common to all of us are:

  • Years of experience in the field of human resource management
  • Years of experience in managing our team
  • Love for human resource management
  • Professional attitude towards
  • Expertise in the area we specialize in

TEAM LEADER: Barbara Ružić

Barbara Ružić, born in Crikvenica, arrived in Zagreb to study at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology. She graduated in 1998 from the Department of Psychology, and in the same year, entered graduate studies at the same Department. During her previous professional career she has undergone a series of expert seminars in human resource management abroad (CIPD – London, IEDC – Bled, Achieve Global – Vienna) and Croatia (CBA Business School) as well as numerous training courses for the development of managerial, communicational and sales skills and training courses in the field of customer relations performed by different lecturers.

Her years-long experience in corporate human resources management begins in banking (six years / Training and Development Coordinator) and ends in commerce/trade (two years / Human Resources Director.

In addition to the usual activities of the HR function (legal regulations and personnel administration, organizational structure and systematization of workplaces, selection of potential candidates, education and development of employees, monitoring of employees and rewards models) she is also working on establishing a work program for internal trainers, reorganizing and redefining business processes, developing a “Regional Development and Educational Centre in the Eastern European Region” and introducing a new IT support for Human Resource Management (SAP).

In 2006 she founded her own consulting company Artis Rei ltd. for Human Resource Management and today works as an HR consultant and trainer.

In her past consultant career she has successfully implemented:

  • A method of psychological assessment of candidates for different workplace groups
    • More than 5000 candidates tested; more than 2000 selection interviews conducted
  • 360* assessment (on – line questionnaire, including feedback on assessments)
  • Situational testing of sales employees
  • workshops for the development of managerial skills (leadership), motivation, team development, communication in the organization, implementation and cascading strategies, communication skills, teamwork and cooperation, developing relationships with clients, developing internal trainers, developing the skills of time and stress management, emotional intelligence, human resource management workshops for HR professionals, management coaching…
    • more than 600 training days held
  • development and implementation the performance/work efficiency monitoring process (objectives and competencies) and reward system (in organizations up to 50 employees, and in those with more than 500 employees)
  • implementation of the reward system based on internal and market equity
  • introduction of the human resources management function, defining the strategy and role of the human resource function in accordance with the strategic guidelines of the company
  • employee engagement and employee satisfaction at work surveys (on samples greater than 700 employees)
  • a series of projects for improving the organizational climate and employee engagement

Danijel Bićanić

Daniel Bićanić begins his professional career in sales and management positions in German and Croatian hotel-management in 1998. In 2003 he enters the world of business education perfecting in the field of training and coaching. The next four years he spends working as a sales director and sales trainer in two education companies. In 2007 he establishes Bićanić Consulting through which he shall offer Croatian companies a unique concept of applicable sales education and consulting based on the sales reality and specificities of the Croatian market and economy. In the next five years more than 70 companies (active in B2B (business to business) sales, B2C (business to consumer) sales, retail and telephone sales) engage Daniel Bićanić in projects of improving sales operations. He works as a consultant and trainer in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo. As sales coach he had the opportunity to attend more than 4000 B2B sales interviews and monitor over 7500 retail interviews. More than 800 sales employees, sales supervisors and sales managers have gone through the Bićanić sales trainings. The above experiences have allowed Daniel Bićanić to provide concrete assistance to clients in the areas of creating effective sales strategies, to improve the sales organization and develop quality solutions for sales workforce management. These topics have become the focus of Bićanić Consulting work which is directed at the achievement of measurable results in sales operations, sales education and consulting clients.

Daniel Bićanić is a regular columnist for the monthly magazine The Business Consultant (Poslovni savjetnik) and guest lecturer at the conference Super Salesman (Superpordavač). He is also the author of three books with topics on sales, sales management consulting and sales workforce market.

He is fluent in German and English and also holds training courses, seminars and lectures in these languages. In his free time he teaches kung fu.

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