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Hiring new employees is a very risky process: we rarely have the opportunity to see a potential candidate “in action”, and there is also a risk of not fitting into the existing team and organizational culture.

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The purpose of professional selection and assessment of (potential) employees is to identify the potential and areas of development, alignment of personal characteristics of employees with the requirements of the job position, the characteristics of other members of the team and organizational culture.

Through an assessment of the potentials of present employees you will determine their potentials for further development, but also the areas that need improvement and focus the required resources on target development needs.

Work efficiency of an employee is affected by:

  • what an employee KNOWS, therefore the knowledge and skills acquired through formal education or previous work experience
  • what an employee IS ABLE TO, therefore predispositions of employees, or abilities and personality structure
  • what the employee WISHES / WANTS, therefore motivation and interests of employees.

Priority is generally given to what the candidate "WISHES OR WANTS'" and to what he "IS ABLE TO". With necessary predispositions, knowledge and skills ("KNOWS'") can develop. We shall influence the "WISHES / WANTS" with adequate reward systems, while we have no influence on the "CAN".

Each of the mentioned elements is assessed by certain tools:

Abilities and personality structure ("is able to") → ability tests and personality questionnaires

Motivation ("wishes") → values questionnaires and interview

Knowledge ("knows") → knowledge tests and interview

Competencies ("knows") → assessment centres and competency interview

Artis Rei experience and approach

In current work experience with validated psychological instruments, motivational interviews, situational testing, and 360* method we have assessed more than 6,000 candidates and employees and hired more than 2,000 employees.

Applying and combining a large number of different methods we achieve an extremely high accuracy of assessment and provide an independent and objective verification of compatibility of (prospective) employees and their job requirements: so as to be certain of your decision.

Based on the methodology we use (psychological tests: ability tests, personality and values questionnaires, assessment centres, interview and 360* assessment) and on the requirement of a specific job position, we shall establish, for each employee, basic advantages and necessary areas of development (competencies that need additional improvement). This will be achieved by maximizing the work efficiency and satisfaction of the individual, and other team members.

We assess candidates and employees with respect to:

  • fulfilment of responsibilities, specific to the workplace
  • organizational and strategic requirements
  • key behaviours (competencies) for successful performance of work assignments

As a conclusion to the assessment of each candidate / employee we prepare a report that includes the candidate’s skills and potential for further development, advantages and disadvantages in relation to the workplace, degree of development of key competencies and necessary areas of development, motivation and sources of motivation as well as professional goals and interests.

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